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Below is a short form to outline a few specifics of your business. That is enough for our pre-screening process and one our specialists will follow up to complete the finishing details and let you know how we can help. If Covid Affected you, we CAN help. There are no obligations what so ever as we are trying to help in any way we can.

Upon approval we offer advertising services of all product types including Print products, Digital products, Promo products and more… Product List

We offer top quality professional services through our corporate partners like VISTAPRINT and others. We design and build everything in house by our team of professionals. We have the ability to slash costs down enormously for you during this hard time, and offer many different payment options and deferrals to allow you to get going after being shut down.

We encourage everyone to apply, although our approval matrix is based on a few different dynamics. Your industry plays a major roll in being approved. Our goal is to help locally owned businesses NOT major corporations.

“Our Covid Small Business Support is for any business that was affected by the shutdown that needs the help.”

Our matrix we use to to determine eligibility differs based on your industry, your size and your revenue. We do not help major corporations. Your business must be locally owned and operated.

There is no fee to apply. We have many payment options including deferrals and post dated payments.

We understand this is a hard time for most businesses. This is why we have decided to include specialty Covid support rates and deferrals. Our deferral system works by accepting a deposit for materials and start up costs (we keep this as low we can) and we add protection during this time.

Our dedicated team of professionals have dedicated their time and career to helping those in need on many fronts. Between our team and our corporate partners we have grown the ability to offer high end marketing strategies and advertising programs at a fraction of the cost for qualified businesses. We offer all different types of products because of our combined efforts.

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Covid Small Business Support